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4 Popular Carpet Cleaning Methods Chosen By Professionals

It is obvious that carpets make great floor coverings. The majority of homeowners opt for them spotless carpet. The carpets do not just improve your home’s aesthetics, they keep it warm and supple all year round. The carpets in your home are the main attraction for your visitors. It is for this reason that you must rely on the carpet cleaning service in Wimbledon. Because the carpets can be heavy, they cannot be regularly cleaned. At least monthly, we need to employ professionals. But if have time to spare and the right tools, then it is possible for you to clean your carpets on your behalf. Hiring a professional for carpet cleaning has many advantages. Because they’ve gained so much experience, it is possible to do the work perfectly. You can read the following article if you want to find a carpet cleaning service that is the best. Be sure to read the article before selecting your carpet cleaning company.

Hot Water Extraction

Often called steam cleaning, hot water extract is a method of carpet cleansing that uses hot boiling water to agitate the fibers. During this method, hot water that has been boiled is used to wash the carpet. In this procedure, the cleaning agent is applied to the stained area and the rugs are agitated by washing. First, the experts will come to your home and thoroughly inspect the carpets. Next, the professionals will spray the cleansing agent onto the carpet and wait for it to dry. Then it is washed using proper equipment and tools. It will then be dried in a separate room. The average carpet will take almost two hours of washing and five hours of drying. It is best to do the cleaning in the afternoon, so the carpet can remain dry throughout the night.

Carpet Shampooing

In 1970 this was a very common method among cleaning firms. The best way to clean your rug is this method, if the carpet looks clean or you’ve not had any professional cleaners in a long while. There is one disadvantage to this method. Not only does it leave wet foam in the carpet, but the process also takes quite a while to dry. Sometimes the foam is sticky, because the rinse method does not end.


In this technique, you will use synthetic detergents for cleaning your carpet. After the foam has dried, all dirt particles within the fiber are encapsulated. Then, after several hours of drying the foam with a brush can be removed. Due to the fact that there isn’t any water required for cleaning, it takes less time than hot water extraction. That’s why most cleaning firms use this method. However, due to this technology’s limitations, it is impossible to clean heavy soiling.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaners are one of today’s most advanced cleaning techniques. Carpet cleaning businesses in Wimbledon use this method since the 1980s. Initially, an acid-based compound for carpet cleaning is spread over the rug and left to sit there between 1 and 2 hours. Next, the motorized counter rotating brushes will be used. It doesn’t matter which type of carpet you have, this method will work for them all.
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