Carpet Cleaning: The Popular Methods

Not all methods are the same. Cleaning different carpet types requires different cleaning methods. There are different types of carpets, each of which requires its own cleaning method. Some services do not understand this. They often damage the carpet because they do not understand this. A professional can treat carpets with the expertise and experience they need. A method which may have great results on some carpets may not be suitable for others. Let’s take a brief look at some popular carpet cleaning methods.


As its name indicates, shampoos or detergents are applied directly on the carpet surface. Further, a machine that agitates the cleaner is used. The cleanser is then removed from the carpet using a vacuum cleaner. Most companies make use of detergents with pleasant aromas. The method works well if dirt and dust are deep within the carpet. It is important to clean the carpet thoroughly. By mixing detergents with disinfectants, germs can be eliminated. It is important to not use this method too frequently, as it could damage the fiber.

Dry Cleaning

carpet cleaners Punta Gorda use dry cleaning as one of their most common cleaning methods. It is recommended as this method can be used immediately following cleaning. For dry cleaning, special powders are used. After a few minutes, the powder is sprinkled over the carpet evenly and removed using a vacuum cleaner. Certain companies make use of advanced oxygenated cleaning agents to get better results.

Foam Cleaners

The shampoo is used to its fullest. The carpet is cleaned with a mixture of cleansing foam and water in small quantities. Cleansing foam is used to remove dirt and dust. After letting it sit for some time on the carpet, you can remove with a vacuum cleaner. It is recommended to use this method on carpets made of strong fibres.

Steam Cleaning

Steam carpet cleaning has been around for a few years. The use of steam cleaning has declined in recent years due to the apparent negatives. This method uses a lot of water, and can damage the carpet’s fibres. It can be more damaging, especially if used often. When used infrequently, it can still be highly effective. It is done with a machine that injects the hot water and the cleaner deep in the carpet. Using suction, the cleaner is removed. This method of cleaning is able to get rid of even the stubbornest dust, dirt particles and bacteria. It may cause damage to the carpet, and so frequent use should be avoided.

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